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IPAC Canada - the smart way to advance infection prevention and control.

Welcome to IPAC Canada*

IPAC Canada is a multidisciplinary member-based association committed to public wellness and safety by advocating for best practices in infection prevention and control in all settings.

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IPAC Canada Online Novice ICP Course 2020-21

Applications are being accepted until March 17, 2020 for the IPAC Canada Online Novice Infection Prevention and Control Course 2020-21. The course runs from September to June each year. Tuition Fees are $1790.00 (first installment due in July, and the balance the following February).

Preference for admission will be given to novice infection prevention and control professionals (ICPs) with less than 2 years' experience. Applications will also be considered from others working in healthcare and/or exploring opportunities in infection prevention and control.

Course Structure

  • This is a distance education course and is offered entirely online.
  • The course consists of six modules and a 12-hour application project.
  • Modules vary in length from 3 to 5 weeks.
  • There is a one-week break between modules and a longer break scheduled over the December holiday period.
  • Evaluation is based on online discussion participation, on line quizzes, a final take-home exam, and may include assignments.
  • Graduates will receive, upon request, a certificate of completion from IPAC Canada on successful completion of the six modules.

We invite prospective students to familiarize themselves with the course structure, description and requirements at https://secure-web.cisco.com/1HRZ9TKmeEP7ps9FA04aN5E16sNBdcuLK9oVd1pl5SGHCpZEKngTS1tBaukkOpkhTwO3UcBsqg4aV2ydK5iIWkthkZWgvFSqeqiD4l0N9AzClNZw306F3vRumrXDwyC0lhceavSvLEzSXG97We95155kyGm7twKW8trJ4Ym3k9l-FuXKaJy-lSgzBtjND8kUHWbraPzNAHRVS-WGvpdoglPzJBq-6gFwVexyxVXApRzxaY8rcjr4yQMdj8a-5q_z-TZ8YZhKpo6zxrwKcRXEQyxmkIQfEt7hOJ648IxQD22Q/https%3A%2F%2Fipac-canada.org%2Fipac-canadas-novice-online-ipac-course.php .

Applications will be accepted online only, via the online application button at the bottom of the webpage. Instructions, FAQs, and criteria for applications are also on the webpage. Students will be advised of their acceptance by June 1, 2020.

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