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Scholarships and Bursaries for ICPs

Financial assistance is offered to IPAC Canada members to attend the IPAC Canada National Conference, an online distance education course through an IPAC Canada endorsed institution, or a chapter educational event. Funds are available for attendance at the through the following industry partnerships:

Application Deadlines

Opportunity Deadline for Application
Ecolab Poster Contest January 31
DEI Poster Contest  January 31
Diversey Scholarship February 9
Chapter Achievement Award March 1
Champions of Infection Prevention and Control March 1
CIC® Certification Award Two intake dates:
April 1 and
October 1
CIC® Chapter Achievement Award March 31
Honorary Membership/Award of Merit September 30
Julie Larose Memorial Scholarship March 1
Metrex CaviWipes Canada Scholarships February 23
Moira Walker Memorial Award for International Service March 31
CHAIR Patient, Family and Caregiver Scholarship March 20
The Clorox Company Scholarship February 23














Canadian Nurses' Foundation Scholarship

The Canadian Nurses Foundation grants more than $275,000 annually to nurses and nursing students in all areas of nursing practice. Thanks to generous donor support, the Foundation invests in nurses and in nursing at all educational levels. Find out more.