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Honorary Membership/Award of Merit

Members of IPAC Canada may be awarded honorary or lifetime membership in recognition of their extraordinary service to the profession of infection prevention and control.  Honorary members may vote and hold office in the Association.  Awarding of Honorary Membership requires a 75% vote of the Board of Directors.  Only one Honorary Membership may be appointed in any year and the Board has the discretion to decline any nominations. See policy 8.62.

If a member does not demonstrate the criteria for Honorary Membership, the Board may acknowledge service through an Award of Merit.

An Award of Merit may be bestowed on any member, organization or group which provides substantial benefit to the Association or the profession of infection prevention and control.  Only two Awards of Merit may be bestowed in any year and the Board of Directors has the discretion to decline any nominations.  See policy 17.30.

2021 Award of Merit

Heather Candon   Jane Van Toen

Heather Candon and Jane Van Toen

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IPAC Canada Honorary Members 

  • 1978 Dr. Hugh Starkey,
    Dr. Jock Westwood, Shirley Chewick
  • 1990 Dr. Ken Buchan
  • 1996 Betty Bannerman
  • 1997 Diane (Elder) Thornley
  • 1998 Moira Walker
  • 2000 Pat Williams
  • 2001 Carol Goldman
  • 2003 Mary E. LeBlanc
  • 2006 Clare Barry
  • 2009 Elizabeth Henderson
  • 2010 Dr. Dick Zoutman
  • 2011 Shirley McDonald
  • 2013 Patricia Piaskowski
  • 2016 Marion Yetman
  • 2017 Karen Clinker
  • 2018 Anne Bialachowski

IPAC Canada Award of Merit 

  • 1999 Bruce Gamage (BCPIC), Margie Foster (SOPIC), Carol Goldman (TPIC), Adrienne Brown (HANDIC), Pat Piaskowski (Thunder Bay Chapter)
  • 2001 Mary LeBlanc (SAPIC), Carol Whyman (EOPIC), Infection Control I Group (Anne Augustine, Clare Barry, Joanne Braithwaite, Shela Churilla, Pauline Fallis, Carol Goldman, Karen Green, Claudette Johnson, Dr. Marie Louie, Susan MacMillan, Margaret McArthur, Cathy Mindorff, Peggy Perkins, Terri Rybacki-Anisko, Susan Shurtleff, Dr. Andrew Simor, Dr. John Smith, Elizabeth Van Horne, Dr. Mary Vearncombe, Grace Volkening, Simone Wartman, Barbara Wells, Diane White, Pat Williams, Rick Wray).
  • 2004 Shirley McDonald (Webmaster), Moira Walker (IFIC Secretary)
  • 2005 Brenda Dyck, Ilana Warner
  • 2006 Dr. Elizabeth Henderson, Clare Barry, Elizabeth Bryce, Donna Moralejo, Diane Roscoe, Elizabeth Van Horne, Mary Vearncombe
  • 2012 Donna Moralejo, Isabelle Langman, Silvana Perna, Faith Stoll, Marilyn Weinmaster, Nina Williams, Marion Yetman
  • 2017 Shirley McDonald
  • 2021 Heather Candon, Jane Van Toen