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Hill Day

In February of each year, the Board of Directors of IPAC Canada and other invited members meet in Ottawa for 'Hill Day'. On this day, several meetings are organized with parliamentarians on Parliament Hill to advocate for various issues that affect healthcare, the profession of infection prevention and control, and IPAC Canada members.  

Hill Day 2023

Held April 18th, 2023
Summary of Meetings, photos, meeting takeaways and action items can be found in this overview. 

Hill Day 2022

One-page Overview of Hill Day Recommendations

Hill Day 1

Dr. Stephen Ellis, Deputy Shadow Minister for Health, Special Advisor on COVID-19; member of the Standing Committee on Health; Zahir Hirji, Barbara Catt, Gerry Hansen.


Hill Day 3

MP Mike Lake, Naquiyah Telia, Hollie Fischer, Zahir Hirji, Gerry Hansen.

Hill Day 4

MP John Aldag, Barbara Catt, Baljinder Sidhu, Jennifer Happe.

  Hill day 5

MP Marie-France Lalonde, Colette Ouellet, Gerry Hansen

Hill Day 2021

In 2021, Hill Day was a virtual event with 15 virtual meetings on February 25th and another 10 meetings organized on other days to accommodate various parliamentarian schedules.  

Hill Day is organized in collaboration with Impact Public Affairs, Ottawa. 

Brief to Parliament

Photos from Hill Day 2021 (click on image for larger view).

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