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Opportunities for IPAC Canada Members

Deadlines for IPAC Canada Awards & Scholarships

Opportunity Deadline for Application
Ecolab Poster Contest January 31
DEI Poster Contest  January 31
Diversey Scholarship February 13
Chapter Achievement Award March 1
Champions of Infection Prevention and Control March 1
CIC® Certification Award Two intake dates:
April 1 and
October 1
CIC® Chapter Achievement Award March 31
Honorary Membership/Award of Merit September 30
Julie Larose Memorial Scholarship March 1
Moira Walker Memorial Award for International Service March 31
CHAIR Patient, Family and Caregiver Scholarship March 20
Sani Marc Scholarship February 25
The Clorox Company February 18

















Champions of Infection Prevention and Control Award

This award acknowledges the extraordinary accomplishments of the front line Champions of Infection Prevention and Control. The Award recognizes IPAC Canada members who work tirelessly, and sometimes creatively, to reduce infection, raise awareness and improve the health of Canadians. Find out more...

CIC® Certification Award

The award is intended to reimburse examination fees to successful applicants who have completed their initial or renewing certification (CIC®).  The award is not available to members holding a-IPC certification at this time. Find out more.

CIC® Chapter Achievement Award

The CIC Chapter Achievement award is presented to the chapter that has the highest percentage of new CIC certificants in the previous year. An award of $750 is presented at the annual conference. Find out more...

CJIC Editorial Award

The Editorial Award is presented to the author(s) of an article that has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Infection Control (CJIC) in the previous year. Selected by a panel of the Editorial Board, the award winners receive waived registration for the conference at which the prize is awarded. 

CHAIR Patient, Family and Caregiver Scholarship

In collaboration with Community & Healthcare-Acquired Infection Reduction (CHAIR), Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada) is offering a scholarship which will provide funding for one or two patients, caregivers or patient family members to attend the IPAC Canada 2023 conference. More information.

Julie Larose Memorial Scholaship

In memory of Julie Larose, a Diversey Inc. representative, IPAC Canada member, and friend to so many in healthcare, Diversey Inc. is supporting a scholarship to recognize an IPAC Canada member who has demonstrated grace, tenacity and humour in the face of adversity and may not be well known on the national stage.  The candidate may also be nominated for lifetime achievement in infection prevention and control. More information

Moira Walker Memorial Award for International Service

This Award honors an individual or group that has demonstrated extraordinary efforts to bring about change or improvement related to infection prevention and control in parts of the world that are under developed or under resourced. Find out more... 

Chapter Achievement Award

The award is to recognize a Chapter's achievement in promoting infection prevention and control in the hospital and the community. Find out more... 

Honorary Membership/Award of Merit

Members of IPAC Canada may be awarded honorary or lifetime membership in recognition of their extraordinary service to the profession of infection prevention and control. Find out more...

Bursaries and Scholarships

IPAC Canada Bursaries and Scholarships

Financial assistance is offered to IPAC Canada members to attend the IPAC Canada National Conference, an online distance education course through an IPAC Canada endorsed institution, or a chapter educational event. Funds are available for attendance at the through the following industry partnerships:

Canadian Nurses' Foundation Scholarship

The Canadian Nurses Foundation grants more than $275,000 annually to nurses and nursing students in all areas of nursing practice. Thanks to generous donor support, the Foundation invests in nurses and in nursing at all educational levels. Find out more... 

Project Proposals

IPAC Canada participates in "requests for" and "offers of" Infection Control Professionals' participation in various projects. There are also numerous opportunities for IPAC Canada members to participate on a number of national and provinicial committees as resource experts. Find out more...

Research Grants

A number of research grants are available from IPAC Canada and other sources for ICPs interested in research. Find out more...

Other Funding Opportunities 

Funds are available for attendance at the IPAC Canada National Education Conference and for continuing education in infection prevention and control. Find out more...