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Corporate Partnerships


Definition of Corporate Membership (per Policy 8.50)
Companies/corporations/agencies which support the objectives of IPAC Canada and provide additional support to IPAC Canada. Corporate Members manufacture products (e.g., disinfectants, hand hygiene products, infection prevention equipment, etc.), or provide a service (e.g., inspections, education, guidelines, etc.). These members foster productive and mutually beneficial relations between industry and IPAC Canada that are based upon an understanding of each other's goals and are of the highest ethical standards. Corporate Members do not provide direct patient care but may support patient care activities. The company/corporation/agency is the member of IPAC Canada. Corporate Member representatives are non-voting and may not hold elected office. They may serve on committees. Individual representatives of the Corporate Member may apply for Active/Professional Membership.

The annual Corporate Membership fee of $5,000.00 covers the membership year July 1 - June 30. Two instalment payments are acceptable, balance due by September 1.

Corporate Members are represented to the Board of Directors through the Corporate Relations Committee (see Corporate Membership Policy).