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IPAC Canada Corporate Members

Revised January 2024

The placement of corporate logos does not imply advertisement or endorsement of a company's products or services. IPAC Canada is not responsible for information found on any external website reached through corporate links.



The Clorox Company of Canada Ltd.
150 Biscayne Cr., Brampton ON
Contact: Bilal Demachkie
Tel: 1-905-595-1435
Fax: 905-454-6670
Email: bilal.demachkie@clorox.com
Website: https://www.cloroxpro.ca/

  • Disinfectants
  • Cleaning products
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Mopping Systems

Diversey Solenis

Diversey Inc.
1300 Altura Road, Suite 125
Fort Mill, SC 29708
Contact: Carolyn Cooke
Tel: 651-260-0988
Email: carolyn.cooke@solenis.com
Website: www.diversey.com    www.sdfhc.com

  • Cleaners, Disinfectants
  • Floor Care Products
  • Carts, Cleaning Supplies
  • Hand Hygiene and Hand Care Products

  Gojo Purell
GOJO Industries Inc.
One GOJO Plaza, Suite 500 Akron, OH 44311
Contact: Dave Filgiano
Tel: 1-800-321-9647
Fax: 330-869-1796
Email: filgiand@GOJO.com
Website: www.gojo.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/GOJOHlthcareCA

  • Hand Hygiene products
  • Antimicrobial products
  • Incontinence Care
  • Skin Care
  • Educational Tools


 Sani Marc

Sani Marc
42, rue de l'artisan Victoriaville, QC G6P 7E3
Contact: Louise Taillon
Tel: 819-758-2889
Fax: 819-758-5800
Email: louise.taillon@woodwyant.com
Website: www.sanimarc.com

  • Disinfectants/detergents
  • Education/educational tools
  • Environmental supplies
  • Handwashing products
  • Safety equipment
  • Skin care products
  • Soiled utility room equipment
  • Waste management


Virox logo

Virox Technologies Inc.
2770 Coventry Rd. Oakville, ON L6H 6R1
Contact: Lee Nesbitt
Tel: 800-387-7578
Fax: 905-813-0220
Email: lnesbitt@virox.com
Website: www.virox.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/ViroxAHP

  • Disinfectants/detergents





SC Johnson Professional
1 Webster Street, Brantford ON N3T 5R1
Contact: David Green
Tel: 416-587-8551
Email: David.Green@scj.com
Website: www.scjp.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/SCJP_Canada

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SCJPCanada/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/scjp-canada/

  • Hand hygiene products
  • Skin care products
  • Hair and body wash shampoos
  • Hand hygiene dispensing systems
  • Electronic monitoring systems (Hand Hygiene, Nursing Insights, Asset Tracking, Contact Tracings)
  • Educational resources and training
  • Commercial surface cleaning cleaning products

Ecolab logo

Ecolab Healthcare
5105 Tomken Rd
Mississauga ON L4X 2X5
Contact: Robert Dansereau, Sales Manager Canada
Tel: 514-708-1727
Email: robert.dansereau@ecolab.com
Website: www.ecolab.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/Ecolab

  • Disinfectants/detergents
  • Education/educational tools
  • Handwashing products
  • Instrument cleaners
  • Skin care products
  • Skin prep devices/solutions
  • Washer/disinfection

  HandyMetrics logo

251 Consumers Road, Suite 1200
Toronto ON M2J 4R3
Contact: Michael Tsang
Tel: 1-855-392-8348 or
+1 917-426-0586 (International)
Email: info+ipac@handymetrics.com
Website: www.handymetrics.com  
Twitter https://twitter.com/handymetrics

  • Hand hygiene auditing systems



Webber Training

Webber Training Inc.
58 Lambert Drive Belleville, ON K8N 4K6
Contact: Paul Webber
Tel: 613-962-0437
Fax: 613-969-7465
Email: paul@webbertraining.com
Website: www.webbertraining.com

  • Teleclass Education


AMG Medical
8505 Dalton
Montreal QC H4T 1V5
Contact: Melissa Balinsky
Email: melissa.balinsky@amgmedical.com
Tel: 800-361-2210
Website: http://www.amgmedical.com
  • Nocospray disinfection system
  • Medical disposables
  • Infection control products
  • Waste management


Chem Aqua logo

Chem Aqua
253 Orenda Rd.
Brampton, ON L6T 1E6
Contact: Terry Runka
Tel: 905-327-6492
Fax: 905-457-9992
Email: trunka@chemaqua.com Website: www.chemaqua.com

  • Specialty cleaning and pretreatment services:
    • Water lines (water softeners, reverse osmosis, dealkalizers, filtration)
    • Cooling towers
    • Coil cleaning
    • Closed loop cleaning


CSA Group

CSA Group
178 Rexdale Blvd, Toronto ON M9W 1R3
Contact: Essa Qaqish, Commercial Manager Health Care
Email: essa.qaqish@csagroup.org
Tel: 416-747-2654
Website: www.csagroup.org

Hygie logo

Hygie Canada
9150, boul. Leduc, Suite 204 Brossard, QC J4Y 0E3
Contact: Emanual Couture-Armand
Tel: 450-444-6777 ext 262 Fax: 450-444-6222
Email: ecarmand@hygie.com
Website: www.hygiecanada.com

  • Disposable Products
  • Gloves
  • Isolation Products
  • Waste Management


1717 West Collins Avenue
Orange, California 92867
Contact: David Nelson
Tel: 608-576-8363


  • Surface Disinfectants (Wipes & Sprays)
  • High-Level Disinfectants
  • Instrument Reprocessing (Precleaners, Detergents, Lubricants, etc.)
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Waste Management
  • Air Deodorizer


Prescientx, formerly a division of Class 1 Inc.
900 Maple Grove Road
Cambridge, ON N3E 0A4
Contact: Barry Hunt Tel:519-749-5267
Email: barry@prescientx.com
Website: www.prescientx.com

  • Engineered Infection Prevention (EIP) Products
    • UV Technology (Mobile & Fixed Options)
    • Ozonated Water (Hand Hygiene Sinks)
    • Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces)
  • Medical Gas Source Equipment
  • Patient Care Headwalls
  • Medical supply units
  • Medical gas pipeline components
  • Medical gas pipeline equipment
  • Halogenated Drug Recovery Systems


Sanuvox Technologies
146, Barr Street
St-Laurent QC H4T 1Y4
Contact: Alain J. Pinard


  • In-duct and stand-alone UV air purifiers and coil cleaning systems


Steris logo

STERIS Canada Sales ULC
6-88B East Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON  L4B 4W2
Contact: Eva Pamudjihardjo, Commercial Marketing Manager
Tel: 1-437-427-1285
Email: Eva_Pamudjihardjo@steris.com
Website: www.steris.com/healthcare-canada
LinkedIn: STERIS Healthcare Canada | LinkedIn

  • Steam Sterilizers and Low Temperature Sterilization Systems
  • Sterility Assurance and Monitoring
  • Washing and Decontamination Systems
  • Cleaning Chemistries and High-Level Disinfectants
  • Automated Endoscope Reprocessors and Liquid Chemical Sterilization
  • Endoscope Drying, Storage and Transport
  • CLEANSUITE® Operating Room Ceiling System
  • Surgical Lights, Booms and Tables
  • Planning and Design Services
  • SPM® Instrument Workflow Solution


Stevens logo

The Stevens Company Ltd.
425 Railside Drive Brampton, ON L7A 0N8
Contact: Robert Marshall
Tel: 905-598-5769 Fax: 905-791-6143
Email: stevens@stevens.ca
Website: www.stevens.ca
Twitter https://twitter.com/stevenscompany

  • Catheters & Tubing
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Gels, Antiseptics and Injectables
  • Gloves
  • Masks & Face Protection
  • Soap, Shampoo & Skin Care
  • Sterilization/Disinfection Equipment
  • Waste & Linen Management


Stryker Canada
2 Medicorum Place, Waterdown ON L8B 1W2
Contact: Melanie Bratkovich melanie.bratkovich@stryker.com
Tel: 289-260-8058

  • Skin integrity products
  • Safe patient handling
  • Oral hygiene
  • Bathing care
  • Pre-op care


Vernacare logo

Vernacare Canada Inc.
10911 Keele Street, Unit 6
Maple, ON L6A 5A6
Contact: Neha Varma, Marketing Mgr
Tel: 800-268-2442
Fax: 905-303-5548
Email: neha_varma@vernacare.com

Website: www.vernacare.com

Twitter: @vernacareoffice   Facebook: facebook.com/vernacareglobal

  • Disposal units
  • Disposable urinals, basins
  • Disposable bedpan and commode liners

Wood Wyant

Wood Wyant Canada Inc.
42, rue de l'artisan Victoriaville, QC G6P 7E3
Contact: Louise Taillon
Tel: 819-758-2889
Fax: 819-758-5800
Email: louise.taillon@woodwyant.com
Website: www.woodwyant.com

  • Disinfectants/detergents
  • Education/educational tools
  • Environmental supplies
  • Handwashing products
  • Safety equipment
  • Skin care products
  • Soiled utility room equipment
  • Waste management