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EnglishNational Infection Control Week

From October 14 to 18, 2024

A message from the President of PCI Canada:

This National Infection Control Week, it is appropriate to remind everyone of the importance of infection prevention and control and to celebrate the work accomplished by each and every member of PCI Canada. Your efforts and passion ensure the safety of health care providers, patients, students, volunteers and visitors in a wide variety of health care settings and a wide range of activities. Learn more

CI Canada provides this webpage to help you plan and carry out Infection Control Week initiatives in your facility. Whether the planned event is large or small, whether it spans an entire week or a single day, here you will find information, advice and tools to ensure your success while saving you time and resources.

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SNCI activities across the country

Are you planning an interesting or original activity in your regional section? Share your experiences! We would love to get a sneak peek of your event.

  • What was your event about?
  • How did you plan and present it?
  • What worked well and what would you do differently next time?
  • Do you have any tips or tools to help other people organize their event?

Send your abstract and information to PCI Canada at info@ipac-canada.org .