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Endorsement of Essentials in IPAC Programs

Endorsement refers to the official approval of IPAC Canada that a course has met the criteria specified in Policy 10.80, Endorsement of Basic Education Courses, specifically related to content, length, instructors, evaluation and delivery. Courses must relate to basic educational preparation of individuals for infection prevention and control practice. If granted, endorsement will apply for three years, but annual updates must be submitted during that time period for the endorsement to be maintained.

IPAC CanadaA list of IPAC Canada endorsed courses has been posted on the IPAC Canada website, together with the IPAC Canada logo indicating approval.

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IPAC Canada Endorsement Of Practicum-Based Courses

A Practicum-Based Course is a standalone course that offers students the opportunity to gain practical infection prevention and control (IPAC) experience in a healthcare setting.  Students must complete a placement in a healthcare setting under the supervision of an eligible mentor and gain experience in a minimum number of IPAC Core Competencies.  Endorsement of Practicum-Based courses refers to the official approval of IPAC Canada that a practicum-based course meets the criteria specified in Policy 10.81 (below) related to length, mentorship, and experience in an approved set of IPAC core competencies.

Application Form for Endorsement of Practicum-Based Courses (Form 29B)

Endorsement of Practicum-Based Courses - Annual Update Form (Form30B)

Policy 10.81 Endorsement of Practicum-Based Courses


IPAC Canada Acknowledgement of IPAC-Related Courses

Acknowledgement of IPAC-related courses can be provided to a course that does not meet the criteria specified in Policy 10.80 with respect to depth and breadth of content, length, evaluation, instructors and/or delivery but addresses relevant and important topics determined to be of value to Infection Control Professionals.  The course must address at least one of the IPAC Canada Core Competencies for Infection Prevention and Control.  If granted, acknowledgement will apply for the 3 years, but annual updates must be submitted annually. 

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Applications for IPAC Canada Endorsement or Acknowledgement
Deadline for Annual Update  October 1
Deadline Date for Spring Application: April 1
Deadline Date for Fall Application: October 1
2020 Application Fee (non-refundable): $1000 (CAD) + GST
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Telephone: 1-866-999-7111
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