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Partnerships With External Committees

Infection Prevention and Control Canada builds relationships with individuals, committees and institutions that influence and relate to infection prevention and control in Canada and globally. Below is a growing list of partnerships that reflect our involvement.

Reporting To Board through Executive Director
Committee/Task Group Representative
Accreditation Canada Director(MD)
Canadian Antimicrobial (AMR) Innovation Coalition (CAIC) President IPAC Canada and Executive Director
Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program (CNISP) Senthuri Paramalingam
Canadian Nurses Association Network of Nursing Specialties Madeleine Ashcroft
Canadian Standards Association  
CSA Perioperative Committee Anne Bialachowski
CSA Sterilization Technical Committee TC-Z262 Merlee Steele-Rodway
CSA Strategic Steering Committee on Healthcare Technologies and Systems Murtuza Diwan
CSA Z8000 Health Care Design Barb Shea

CSA Technical Subcommittee on HVAC Systems in HCFs

CSA Plumbing Committee

CSA, The Healthcare Engineering and Physical Plant Technical Committee

Christine Moussa


Jessica Fullerton


Kathryn Wyndham

CSA Z317.13 Infection Control During Construction, Renovation and Maintenance of HCFs 

Jessica Fullerton
CSA Z317.12 Cleaning and Disinfection Standard Jim Gauthier
Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology (CBIC) President, IPAC Canada
Chief Public Health Officer Health Professions Forum President IPAC Canada and Executive Director
Ethical Framework Standards Collaboration (with APIC) Madeleine Ashcroft, Co-chair
Global Infection Prevention and Control Network (WHO President, IPAC Canada, Executive Director, and Kim Allain
Immunize Canada Eleanor Paget
International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC) (Board) Barb Catt
National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases /Antibiotic Awareness Week Nalini Agnihotri
National Patient Safety Roundtable President, IPAC Canada
Ontario Ministry of Health Hospital Study Working Groups President, IPAC Canada and Executive Director