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WEBINAR: Q & A with Candidates for Board of Directors



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Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2022
Time: 1030 PT, 1130 MT/SK, 1230 CT, 1330 ET, 1430 AT, 1500 NL
Duration: 1 Hour


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The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors of Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada) and members of IPAC Canada have put forth the following candidates for positions open as of May 19, 2022. This is an opportunity to members to hear the individual philosophies and ask questions of the candidates for Board positions in 2022. 

The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors of Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada) has put forth the following candidates for positions open as of May 19, 2022.

Director (Programs & Projects)                            
(3 year term)   
Baljinder Sidhu RN BScN CIC MPH
Surrey, British Columbia

Director (Standards & Guidelines)   
(3 year term)                                    
Madeleine Ashcroft RN BScN MHS CIC
Mississauga, Ontario

Public Representative       
(3 year term)                                            
Kim Neudorf BSN MEd
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Candidate Profiles

Bal Sidhu Bal Sidhu RN BScN CIC MPH is a registered Nurse with over 20 years of experience in health care.  Bal joined infection prevention and control (IPAC) in 2011 and had a variety of roles leading IPAC initiatives in multiple health authorities. Bal has expertise in acute care and LTC IPAC as well as expertise in reprocessing and hand hygiene. Bal served as an IPAC BC Chapter President and Chapter Secretary, is certified in Infection Control (CIC), and completed her Master’s degree in Public Health.  She is actively involved with IPAC Canada as an acute care representative in the 2021 and 2022 conference planning committees. Bal is the Director of Program and Projects Committee, and the chair for this committee. Bal is the Public Health clinical manager at Fraser Health Authority in BC. Bal is an energetic, creative individual, whose passion is to empower everyone to practice infection prevention and control measures to improve the quality of patient care.  

PHILOSOPHY: My goal is to empower others to place infection prevention and control as one of their top priorities to ensure safe patient care and to improve the patient experience! In our complex health care environments, health care providers are challenged with many competing priorities. My goal is to ensure that the principles of infection prevention and control remain at the forefront and are integrated into everyday practice. My vast clinical experience and relationship with the point of care staff have allowed me to examine the challenges associated with implementing IPAC initiatives with limited resources and time. Bringing this perspective into my role as the Director of Programs and Projects, I will ensure that IPAC recommendations will align with the feasibility and needs of the point of care staff, in all healthcare settings.

Madeleine Ashcroft RN BScN MHS CIC has been a nurse for more than 40 years, ‘trained’ at the Nightingale School, London, England, and worked in many specialty areas, including critical care, operating rooms, midwifery, renal, intravenous therapy, community care, and as a college educator, before getting into infection prevention and control (IPAC) a few years before SARS hit Toronto. She has worked in IPAC in acute, chronic, and rehab hospitals, long-term care, and regional networks (including with Public Health Ontario) as well as with the WHO (Ebola relief). Madeleine’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Toronto and a Masters in Health Studies from Athabasca University. She is the current Director of Standards and Guidelines on the IPAC Canada Board, and recently took on a new role managing the Trillium Health Partners Community Outreach IPAC Hub in Mississauga/South Etobicoke, supporting congregate living settings.

PHILOSOPHY: I will contribute what I have learned from my previous experience, including my current term as Director, along with dedication to IPAC broadly and IPAC Canada specifically. I am passionate about IPAC and making health care and related settings safer through the work we do. I will continue to coach and mentor new ICPs in all settings to build capacity. I will continue to fulfill my duties with thoughtful consideration and enthusiasm, bringing forward new and updated documents from the Standards and Guidelines Committee for Board review and approval and pursuing opportunities to collaborate with other professional organizations whenever possible.

Kim Neudorf BSN MEd says: I lived most of my life in Saskatchewan on the fringe of the boreal forest. I am married with two adult children and one grand-child. In my professional life, I was a nurse and a nurse educator. After retirement, I decided to apply my professional skills to an area of personal interest—patient safety. As a result of witnessing a family member struggle to deal with a life threatening infection, I joined Patients for Patient Safety Canada (PFPSC). Since 2009, I have volunteered as a public representative on several infection prevention committees at the national level with the end goal of safe patient care. As a member of PFPSC, my main involvement has been to support the efforts of Health Excellence Canada’s work in surveillance and antimicrobial resistance and stewardship. As a person who believes in health promotion, I enjoy many Canadian outdoor activities, including pickleball, cycling, hiking, kayaking, gardening and cross-country skiing. I love to read, write and paint in watercolor. I have written three books (unpublished). I’m a life-long learner and lately I’ve been learning as much as I can about writing in the creative non-fiction genre.

PHILOSOPHY: Infection prevention and control is something I’ve had an interest in for what seems most of my life. I am a respectful team member, who encourages others in their endeavours. I’ve partnered with a range of experts in many different capacities, as a patient/public partner. Given my personal healthcare experience, I can offer a family member’s perspective on the importance of getting infection prevention and control right. I have a solid background in patient safety and have achieved the WHO designation as a patient safety champion. I have background in supporting Indigenous individuals and communities throughout my career.  I have published, presented, prepared multi-media and used creative art forms to bring attention to a subject. I am hard working and committed.  Primarily, I will do my best to offer a grassroots perspective on what matters to patients and the public.