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WEBINAR: Basics of Biofilms

Date: Tuesday 29th October, 2019
Time: 1030 PT, 1130 MT/SK, 1230 CT, 1330 ET, 1430 AT, 1500 NL
Duration: 1.0 hour


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In the last few years, bacterial biofilms has become a major concern in hospital settings. Despite an impressive amount of paper published on the clinical aspects of biofilms infections, the dynamics of biofilms in a building are not always well understood from an infection control stand point.

Sani Marc has undertaken an innovative research program on bacterial biofilms for almost 10 years. This webinar will provide participants the tools to understand the dynamics of bacterial biofilms on inanimate surfaces. Participants will also learn about methods that can be used to measure bacterial biofilms and an overview of different approaches for the control of bacterial Biofilms.


Andre Cote

André Cote is Microbiologist and Assistant Director of Regulatory Affairs at Sani Marc. Andre has completed graduate studies in Microbiology at the University of Sherbrooke. At the beginning of his career, M. Cote occupied managing positions in the pharma and the food industry.

Looking for new challenges, M. Cote joined the Sani Marc team in 2009. With Sani Marc, M. Cote has develop a unique technical and regulatory expertise on biofilms completing a training session at the University of Montana and participating in several meeting with the EPA in Washington and Health Canada.

M. Cote is an active member of the Canadian Meat Council Technical Committee and the Canadian Poultry and Egg Producer Council. Andre is also active with IPAC Canada and other associations and organizations in the food and healthcare sector.

Made possible through the generous support of

Sani Marc