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Webinar: The Way Forward: The New Pan-Canadian STBBI Framework for Action

Thursday, November 22, 2018, 1:00pm EST

The following information is being distributed on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada

Despite recent advances, Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections (STBBI) remain a significant health concern in Canada and around the world, even though they are largely preventable, treatable and, in many cases, curable. International organizations, such as UNAIDS and WHO have mobilized the global response by establishing goals and targets to eliminate STBBI as a public health threat by 2030. In an effort to improve our domestic response to STBBI, the Government of Canada and its Provincial and Territorial partners recently released a new Pan-Canadian STBBI Framework for Action that will guide Canada’s efforts to reduce the health impact of STBBI and to contribute to global efforts. Developed in consultation with various partners and stakeholders from across the country, such as people living with or with lived experience of STBBI, Indigenous Peoples, civil society, and health professionals, the framework sets out an overarching, comprehensive and integrated approach to addressing STBBI.

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