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Infection Prevention and Control Program Standard
The IPAC program standard has been developed to inform senior leaders engaged with IPAC programs in health care organizations and IPAC program staff, of the minimum requirements for IPAC programs, across the continuum of health care in Canada.
Additionally, the IPAC program standard:
  • describes the culture, scope and foundational framework necessary for the development of a successful IPAC program
  • synthesizes best practices, guidelines and recommendations from Canadian (national and provincial) bodies and international agencies
  • incorporates significant findings from the current scientific literature.
The IPAC program standard may be used as a resource:
  • for prioritizing and developing an IPAC program
  • as a way to obtain senior management support for the IPAC program
  • to ensure consistency in the recommended program elements across all Canadian health care settings
  • and to engage in strategic planning activities for the future. 

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