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Start an Interest Group

Start your own interest group!

Information available here:

IPAC Canada encourages members to develop interest groups as a means to disseminate and share information with others who have a similar interest, and will assist members to do this. Interest Groups are endorsed by the Board of Directors of IPAC Canada when the topic is of interest to a significant number of members, is sustainable, and adds value to the mandate of the association.

Interest groups communicate via email and teleconference. The members of the interest group also meet at the IPAC Canada annual conference, and a meeting time and place will be provided for you.

Participants in interest groups MUST be IPAC Canada members. For more information on joining IPAC Canada, go to our Membership Information page.

If you would like to start an interest group, contact the IPAC Canada Board Director who is the liaison to interest groups and review the Terms of Reference template for new interest groups.