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RELATED MATERIALS (Note: the online membership account platform is being updated until approx. November 25th. New members: please download and complete the PDF Membership Form below)

Join IPAC Canada

Founded in 1976, IPAC Canada is a national, multi-disciplinary, voluntary association of Infection Prevention and Control Professionals (ICPs) committed to improving the health of Canadians by promoting excellence in the practice of infection prevention and control.

We provide education, communication, networking and advocacy on behalf of our members locally and nationally.

New members are always welcome!

IPAC Canada welcomes members from around the world. IPAC Canada has 13 special topic Interest Groups and 17 chapters distributed across Canada and. Look up the nearest IPAC Canada chapter on our Chapters Map.

For information about the benefits of joining IPAC Canada, see Member Benefits.

Video made possible through the generous support of; Diversey

LTC Infection Control Professionals and IPAC Canada – the Dream Team!

Date: Wednesday September 14th, 2022

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Download Slide Deck Presentation (.pdf) / Click here for more information.

IPAC Canada Membership

2023 membership fees are:
Individual membership - $223
Group Membership - First representative - $296
Group Membership - Additional representatives - $150
Students and Retired Members - $135
First-Time New Individual member* (first year) - $135
International Applicants from Developing Countries: Please see information below.

Bring in a New Member Contest
Tell a colleague, tell a fellow ICP, tell a lab technician, or anyone that you know will benefit from joining IPAC Canada! Enter our annual Bring in a New Member Contest, and you - and the new member - could WIN free membership! Download and complete the 2023-24 Contest Entry Form now! Deadline is March 15, 2024 and winners will be announced by March 31, 2024.

Reduced Fee for New Members: In the first year of their membership, new individual members will be levied a fee equal to the student or retired fee. The reduced fee will not apply to those in a Group Membership or those replacing a current member. The new member fee would only apply once in a member's lifetime. Newly-certified (CIC, a-IPC or LTC-CIP) Members in 2023 are eligible to receive a $50 discount off their 2024 membership fees upon renewal. The discount will only be given once in a member's lifetime.

Online Membership Application 

  • Online new member registration (available after November 25th due to upgrading)

Not registering online? Print registration form, fill out and mail/fax applications to IPAC Canada:

INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: Registrants from a developing country as identified at https://unctad.org/topic/least-developed-countries/list may register at no fee. International members will receive all the benefits of membership, including access to resources and voting rights. Printed publications will not be mailed, but a link to digital files will be provided. The application form must be completed and submitted at the first application and annual renewal.

2023 Membership Application Form for International Members in Developing Countries

Additional Information:

Categories of Membership

Active/Professional: Individuals occupationally or professionally involved in the practice of Infection Prevention and Control and/or Epidemiology. May vote, hold office and serve on committees. This category also includes Industry/Business members who are directly responsible for products and services related to Infection Prevention and Control.

Group Membership: Employees of health care related institutions or agencies interested in fostering the purposes and objectives of the Association. Group Members must work at the same physical site OR report to the same Direct Supervisor.  Representatives receive the same benefits as Active members. Membership will stay with the person for the remainder of the membership year unless they otherwise agree to transfer membership to another representative of the Group.

Student: Full-time student attending a full time infection control related program. May not vote or hold elected office.   May serve on committees. Applications for Student membership must be accompanied by a letter of attestation from their employer that the applicant is a full-time student working to a maximum of half time equivalent (.5FTE), attending an infection prevention and control related program. Current students of any IPAC Canada endorsed program qualify for Student rate while enrolled in the program.

Retired: Retired and not employed full time nor seeking full time employment in Infection Prevention and Control. This is a non-voting membership. May not vote or hold elected office. May serve on committees.

Corporate Membership: Companies/corporations/agencies which support the objectives of IPAC Canada and provide additional support to IPAC Canada. The company is the member of IPAC Canada. Corporate Member representatives are non-voting and may not hold elected office. They may serve on committees. See List of Corporate Sponsors for more information on Corporate Membership. Individual representatives of the Corporate Member may apply for Active/Professional Membership.

Partnerships with International Organizations

IPAC Canada is a member of the International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC).

Visit our Infection Control Events Calendars: