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Interest Groups

IPAC Canada encourages members to develop interest groups as a means to disseminate and share information with others who have a similar interest, and will assist members to do this.

Participants in interest groups MUST be IPAC Canada members. For more information on joining IPAC Canada, go to our membership information page. Membership in any of our interest groups is free to members. To join an interest group contact

Interest groups communicate via email and teleconference. The members of the interest group also meet at the IPAC Canada annual conference, and a meeting time and place will be provided for you. Meetings may also be held via webinar. For more information:

Special Interest Groups:

IPAC Canada Interest Group Chairs

Interest Group Chair/Co-chair Contact
Cardiac Care Interest Group Jo-Anne Janigan
  Karen Stoopnikoff
Community Health Care Interest Group Lorinda Stuber
Dialysis Interest Group Victoria Williams
Environmental Hygiene Interest Group Barry Hunt

Lanch Sayers
Healthcare Facility Design and Construction Interest Group

Barb Shea

Kathryn Wyndham

Long Term Care Interest Group Cathy Guitare
Mental Health Interest Group Paige Reason
Network of Networks Interest Group Jane Stafford

Gwen Cerkowniak
Northern Network Interest Group Samantha Stewart
Oncology Interest Group Kristie Harding
Roberta McCombie
Paediatric & Neonatal Interest Group Judy Dennis 

Patricia Bedard
Prehospital Care Interest Group Greg Bruce

Justyna Augustyn
Reprocessing Interest Group

Vi Burton
Donna Moore
Surveillance and Applied Epidemiology Interest Group Jennifer Happe 

Donna Penney