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Infection Prevention and Control Resources

Hand Hygiene Resources -Standard and Guidelines, Educational and Teaching Aids, Videos, Publications, Resources for Teachers and Children and the History of Hand Hygiene.

Healthcare Facility Design & Construction Resources - Additional resources for infection control professionals from the American Institute of Architects, Canadian Standards Association, CDC and more.

Immunization Resources -Links to Immunize Canada, National Advisory Committee on Immunization, Public Health Agency of Canada and more. 

IPAC Human Resource Links -Resources that may be used by Infection Control Professionals to enhance their infection control programs and resources.

IPAC Videos -A variety of educational videos for Hand Hygiene and Infection Prevention and Control Promotion.

Non-Acute Care Resources -Infection Prevention and Control Resources and Publications for Non-Acute Care, EMS, Long Term Care, Home Health Care, Community Care, Camps, Shelters, Dental Offices, Mental Health Facilities, Pediatric and Laboratory Settings.

Position Statements and Practice Recommendations -IPAC Canada Position Statements and Practice Recommendations 

Surveillance & Statistics Resources -Tools and websites to assist the Infection Prevention and Control professional to carry out surveillance and analyse results.