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Infection Prevention and Control Resources

Evidence-based Guidelines - Guidelines, policies and standards from Public Health Agency of Canada, APIC, CDC and the Provincial Governments that Infection Prevention and Control professions may use to support their own documentation and best practices.

Hand Hygiene Resources -Standard and Guidelines, Educational and Teaching Aids, Videos, Publications, Resources for Teachers and Children and the History of Hand Hygiene.

Healthcare Facility Design & Construction Resources - Additional resources for infection control professionals from the American Institute of Architects, Canadian Standards Association, CDC and more.

Immunization Resources -Links to Immunize Canada, National Advisory Committee on Immunization, Public Health Agency of Canada and more. 

IPAC Human Resource Links -Resources that may be used by Infection Control Professionals to enhance their infection control programs and resources.

IPAC Videos -A variety of educational videos for Hand Hygiene and Infection Prevention and Control Promotion.

Non-Acute Care Resources -Infection Prevention and Control Resources and Publications for Non-Acute Care, EMS, Long Term Care, Home Health Care, Community Care, Camps, Shelters, Dental Offices, Mental Health Facilities, Pediatric and Laboratory Settings.

Position Statements and Practice Recommendations -IPAC Canada Position Statements and Practice Recommendations 

Surveillance & Statistics Resources -Tools and websites to assist the Infection Prevention and Control professional to carry out surveillance and analyse results.