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IPAC Canada Appoints New Social Media Manager

IPAC Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Helen Evans MA as IPAC Canada Social Media Manager.  Helen is the Communications Officer for the Provincial Infection Control Network of British Columbia (PICNet BC).  Her experience and expertise includes communications through social media.  Helen will work closely with Kelli Wagner, Administrative Assistant, in the posting and tweeting of relevant articles, guidelines, and news of infection prevention and control.  In addition, Helen will be providing the Board of Directors with a business plan that will ultimately increase the profile of IPAC Canada and include our social media platforms as vehicles for moving our strategic plan forward.  We welcome Helen to our leadership team.

We are grateful for the work of Barley Chironda, past Social Media Manager, in bringing IPAC Canada to the attention of external stakeholders, prospective members and the public.  His work was always representative of his expertise in IPAC and enthusiasm in working towards our association goals.  Barley was a significant member of our leadership team and continues to give dedicated support to IPAC Canada.