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Canadian Nurses Association Choosing Wisely Canada Nursing List

CANADIAN NURSES ASSOCIATION and IPAC CANADA have collaborated on the development of the document Choosing Wisely Canada Nursing List by convening an eight-member nursing working group consisted of infection prevention and control nursing experts from across Canada, representing a broad range of geographical regions and practice settings.  After deliberation o a significant number of proposed inclusions, the list subsequently underwent extensive consultation, with input from nursing experts in patient safety, members of the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties, patient advocates, CNA jurisdictional members, CNA nurses, the Canadian Association for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) and Choosing Wisely Canada’s internal clinician reviewers. In September 2017, the Choosing Wisely Canada nursing list was presented to the IPAC Canada and CNA boards, who gave it their full endorsement and support.  The Choosing Wisely Canada Nursing List (English and French) can be found at https://ipac-canada.org/other-ipac-resource-links . Many thanks to IPAC Canada member Madeleine Ashcroft and her team for giving life to this important document.