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A Message to Members of IPAC Canada/PCI Canada From Barbara Catt, President Integrity is a core value of Infection Prevention and Control Canada/ Prévention et contrôle des infections Canada. As the professional voice of Canadian Infection Prevention and Control Professionals, we are committed to supporting diversity, especially to promote greater inclusion of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) in our profession. We condemn racism and racial injustice in all its forms and will take concerted action to ensure racial bias and discrimination is addressed in all of our work, including educational events and other programs. See the full announcement:
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Upcoming Webinars: OneHealth, and Canadian Centre for Healthcare Facilities OneHealth offers the following upcoming free webinars: Monday, July 13, 2020 (9:00a.m. CDT) Managing a Raging Pandemic: A Steep Learning Curve Speakers during this 2-hour webinar will speak on several topics including public health strategies, developing therapies, and vaccine development. REGISTER HERE Thursday, July 16, 2020 (9:00a.m. CDT) Risks of Future Pandemic Threats and How To Prepare Speakers during this 2-hour webinar will speak on several topics including threats from the animal-human reservoir, global health security, and how to prepare for the next pandemic.
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A Hospital Partnership with a Long-Term Care Home Experiencing a COVID-19 Outbreak: Lessons and Opportunities Webinar Thursday, July 23, 2020 (1330 Eastern). During the COVID-19 pandemic, long-term care homes in many areas of Canada experienced large COVID-19 outbreaks. In Ontario, as one strategy to support long-term care homes, hospitals were partnered with long-term care. Presenters Jennie Johnstone MD PhD FRCPC, Liz McCreight BA CIC, and Dylan Kain MD will describe the approach their hospital took to support a long-term care home experiencing a large COVID-19 outbreak in Toronto, and will highlight the lessons learned and opportunities for the future. This webinar is for IPAC Canada members only.
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Biopharmaceutical leaders take on the antibiotic innovation challenge The world is losing its most powerful tool in healthcare: antibiotics. The reason is rapidly rising antibiotic-resistant infections – also called antimicrobial resistance, or AMR. The world needs new antibiotics to stem the toll superbugs are having on patients, but there are few in the pipeline. This is the result of a long-standing paradox: despite the huge societal costs of AMR, there is currently no viable market for new antibiotics. In the long term, the uncontrolled rise of AMR could have public health and economic consequences greater than COVID-19. But unlike COVID-19, AMR is a
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