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Government Relations

Advocacy work for various initiatives conducted by IPAC-Canada Board Members and Directors on behalf of the membership.

Role and Responsibility of an ICP

[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] February 3, 2021

All About IPandCsIPAC Canada encourages recognition of various backgrounds of Infection Prevention and Control Professionals

In response to recurring issues around the recognition of various educational backgrounds and opportunities available to Infection Prevention and Control Professionals (ICPs), Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada) is encouraging all governments and employers to offer the same opportunities to ICPs as those in regulated professions...

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Federal and Provincial Government Advocacy

Member Update - Pandemic Pay - July 2020

Letters to Provinces/Territories

Hill Day

In February of each year, the Board of Directors of IPAC Canada and other invited members meet in Ottawa for 'Hill Day'. On this day, several meetings are organized with parliamentarians on Parliament Hill to advocate for various issues that affect healthcare, the profession of infection prevention and control, and IPAC Canada members. Learn more and view photos.


House of Commons Standing Committee on Health - AROs


Photos from November 2017 HESA meeting 

Federal Budget

Tuberculosis In Northern Areas


Public Health in Ontario

Infection Prevention and Control Nova Scotia

Hepatitis C in Nova Scotia Correctional Institutions

Pan-Canadian Adoption of Acute Care and Long Term Care Definitions

Acute Care Definitions

Long Term Care Case Definitions

Media Releases

Media Release - Vaccine Availability - January 2021

Mandatory Vaccination Reporting and Vaccine Hesitancy 

IPAC Canada Operations Reports