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Canadian Journal of Infection Control (CJIC) 

CJIC Featured Article

Winter 2021-2022

Barriers to infection control routine practices and problem-solving strategies among nursing students and instructors – A cross-sectional survey. Hamed et al

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The CJIC is available online:

Call for Papers

General Information

The Canadian Journal of Infection Control (CJIC) is a leading international, peer review journal providing a platform for knowledge transfer and academic discourse in the field of infection prevention and control, and hospital epidemiology. The journal accepts manuscripts outlining original research that examines, informs and advances this professional field.

Authors should follow the content and format recommendations as outlined:

Manuscripts are accepted in English and French and should be submitted electronically by emailing all materials to the attention of:

James Ayukekbong, CJIC Editor-in-Chief, at: editor-in-chief@ipac-canada.org.

A signed copy of IPAC Canada's Publisher-Author agreement must be received before a manuscript will be published:

2020 CJIC Editorial Award

The Cost of Contact Precautions:  A Systematic Analysis 
Anuj Sharma MA, Jenine Leal PhD, Joseph Kim MD, Craig Pearce MSc, Dylan R. Pillai MD PhD, Aidan Hollis PhD (Canadian Journal of Infection Control, winter 2020)

The 2020 Editorial Award is sponsored by

Kelman & Associates

WEBINAR: Abstract to Manuscript

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Duration: 1.0 hours


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Webinar: Tricks and Tips for Abstract Writing (22nd November, 2019)

Gwyneth Meyers explores the relevance and purpose of abstracts and discusses the guiding principles for writing them. These principles were reviewed in the context of writing abstracts for conferences such as IPAC Canada.