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Canadian Infection Prevention and Control Courses

IPAC Canada Sponsored, Acknowledged and Endorsed Courses


Sponsored Courses are developed and facilitated by IPAC Canada education experts.

Endorsed Courses refers to the official approval of IPAC Canada indicating that the course has met specific criteria related to content, length, instructors, evaluation and delivery. Information for schools relating to endorsement

Acknowledged Courses
Acknowledgement of IPAC-related courses can be provided to a course that does not meet the criteria specified in Policy 10.80 with respect to depth and breadth of content, length, evaluation, instructors and/or delivery but addresses relevant and important topics determined to be of value to Infection Control Professionals.  For more information, see https://ipac-canada.org/ipac-canada-endorsement-procedure



Program Review completed - 2020-2023

IPAC Canada EndorsedOnline Essentials in Infection Prevention and Control Course  

Two intakes are offered for this course - a Regular Program, which runs from September to June each year, and an Accelerated Program, which is a condensed 5-month version of the Regular Program, running from April to August. APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2023 PROGRAMS are now closed. Watch for 2024 registration here in January 2024.

Preference for admission to the Regular Program will be given to novice infection prevention and control professionals (less than 2 years' experience). Applications will also be considered from others working in health care and/or exploring opportunities in infection prevention and control. Preference for admission to the new Accelerated Program will be given to those currently working in an infection prevention and control role, or having IPAC responsibilities. Documented support from your employer is required due to the nature of the course and time commitment required.


IPAC Canada EndorsedCentennial College Onsite and Online Infection Control

(Endorsed by IPAC Canada 2022 - 2024)

Centennial College course page.

Centennial College Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) online courses

PI-100: Infection Prevention and Control (course begins May 8, 2023)
This 90-hour hybrid online learning experience offers an up to date, comprehensive and evidence-based course covering basic and intermediate IPAC principles. All instructors and Program Coordinator are certified in Infection Prevention and Control (CIC) and use a combination of video lectures, discussion boards, live sessions, quizzes, group and individual work to help prepare students for a successful career in IPAC and for writing the CIC exam.

PI-100 Course Information

Registration Flyer

Our Winter and Spring online courses - the course content is delivered over three months. Students listen to recorded videos (lectures), read relevant references, and are encouraged to participate in the weekly faculty-lead webinars (Wednesday evening). These webinars are recorded for those who are unable to attend. The estimated weekly time commitment for this course is 12 hours. Completion of the course content is followed by three months of case study group work. Total time to complete course work is six months. The course is open for one year to allow students to take the online exam on their own timetable.


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First IPAC Canada admission scholarship announced

Master of Public Health student Radhika Chawla is the recipient of the inaugural IPAC Canada admission scholarship of $10,000. Learn more.

IPAC Canada and Queen’s University partner on Canada’s First Master’s-Level Training Program in Infection Prevention and Control

Queen's University Master's of Public Health (IPAC Track)
Media Release - February 7, 2022  

February 7, 2022  – IPAC Canada and Queen’s University have partnered to provide specialized training in infection prevention and control (IPAC) through a new IPAC track in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program.

COVID-19 has demonstrated the clear need for health professionals with expertise in infection prevention and control (IPAC). This knowledge can be the difference in preventing or stopping the spread of infections in healthcare and workplace settings.

The new IPAC track launched in January 2022 as part of the Queen’s MPH program. It delivers specialty training that provides students with the technical expertise and leadership to keep patients, employees and the public safe. View full press release.

IPAC Canada EndorsedQueen's University Infection Prevention & Control Online Professional Development Course

Endorsed by IPAC Canada 2019-2021, 2022-2024.

This course has recently been redesigned to update the Infection Prevention and Control content and reflects current pedagogical strategies.  The curriculum is  based on the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology's (CBIC) Examination Content Outline, available at: https://apps.cbic.org/certification/examination-content-outline.


  • Life-long Learning: Principles of Adult Learning
  • Evidence-based Medical & Literature Searching
  • Infectious Diseases Processes-Clinical Microbiology
  • Routine Practices and Added Precautions
  • Disinfection, Sterilization, Re-processing and Construction
  • Epidemiologic Investigation and Surveillance
  • Epidemiology of Health Care Acquired Infections
  • Employee and Occupational Health
  • Public Health and Education
  • Management and Communications in Infection Prevention and Control


This  Infection Prevention and Control  course is an on-line interactive program for health professionals who are new to the field of Infection Prevention and Control (IP&C) or are about to enter into the practice of Infection Prevention and Control. We  suggest  that course registrants have obtained one of the following: RN, BSc or MLT.  Other degrees or training will be considered, but first choice will be given to those working in Infection Prevention and Control.

The purpose of the course is to introduce participants to the practice of Infection Prevention and Control and to increase participants’ knowledge and skills for managing the prevention and control of infections and disease.

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IPAC Canada EndorsedUniversity of British Columbia Infection Prevention and Control Certificate 

Endorsed by IPAC Canada 2021-2023

The University of British Columbia Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology and the Departments of Pathology and School of Population and Public Health, in conjunction with the Vancouver Hospital Division of Medical Microbiology and Infection Control currently are offering three online infection control courses and a clerkship in clinical infection control. These three-credit university recognized courses may be taken as stand-alone courses or used towards a four-course University of British Columbia Infection Control Certificate and/or towards a Masters in Science, Nursing or Epidemiology with the permission of the individual's appropriate university departments. The courses are highly popular and early registration is recommended. The course descriptions are as follows:

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IPAC Canada EndorsedBay River College Infection Prevention and Control Program                                                 

Endorsed by IPAC Canada 2021-2024

Bay River College’s 16-week Infection Prevention and Control Program is an online-based interactive program, endorsed by IPAC Canada. This program is designed for front-line health care workers, and or health professionals who are looking to enter the field of Infection Prevention and Control. The ultimate learning goals for this course are to increase student’s theoretical knowledge and to establish practical skills to prevent infections and diseases and solve real healthcare problems.

The Infection Prevention and Control Program is a facilitated, asynchronous, and self-determined program that gives the schedule flexibility for students to progress and complete the training in the allotted time at their own pace. By providing and utilizing industry-related theories, students will learn and be equipped with the principles of planning, implementing, managing, and evaluating infection and prevention control in all Canadian health care settings.

The course is available for students to register: 

  • Winter: January – April
  • Summer: May – August
  • Fall: September- December

Interested applicants can request detail about the program (course, program structure, curriculum, and important dates) by emailing at admissions@bayrivercolleges.ca or book an appointment with our admission advisors by calling at 403-457-6400.

More information

Bay River College - C.N.A. Accreditation



IPAC Acknowledged

Centennial College: Preventing and Controlling Infections in Non-Acute Care Settings

PI-500: Preventing and Controlling Infections in Non-Acute Care Settings (course begins May 15, 2023)
This 28-hour asynchronous online learning experience offers an up to date beginner's guide to IPAC principles for Long-Term Care, Retirement Homes, and other non-acute care settings. All of our instructors and Program Coordinator are CIC certified and use discussion board-driven dialogue to prepare students entering the exciting field of Infection Prevention and Control!

 Registration information