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Setting Up A Display

An Infection Control display is a great way to highlight an idea or theme, provide educational materials for pickup and to promote Infection Control to the public. You can set up a display within your facility or externally, in malls, health care facilities (e.g. Health Units), office building lobbies etc. A display can be both manned or unmanned, depending on your time availability and resources. Once the initial materials are obtained a display may be used over and over for many years, so it is a very cost-effective way to promote Infection Control.

Set up your display in a high-traffic area, such as lobbies, outside the staff cafeteria or at the main patient entrance. Be sure to check with your safety personnel in case there are restrictions due to fire access (e.g. height, placement of display, etc.).

Try to keep your display uncluttered. Material for the poster boards should follow the theme/Mission Statement and be placed neatly, with clear headings. Secure material well, nothing looks worse than items that are coming loose or falling down. Use a sheet or tablecloth to cover the table that the display will rest on, having it fall down the front of the table to hide table legs. Posters can be pinned to this sheet if necessary.

Buttons and free samples can be placed on the table that the display board sits on, to attract attention and generate interest. This is also a good place to display educational materials such as fact sheets and information brochures. If your display is unmanned, don't forget to check it regularly and replace items that have run out.