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Sani Marc Environmental Research and Innovative Stewardship Scholarship

Sani MarcIPAC Canada and Sani Marc announce their collaboration in a new Sani Marc Environmental Research and Innovative Stewardship Scholarship. The objective is to provide financial assistance to eligible IPAC Canada members to enable an environmental research or innovative stewardship project; to present a project overview during the 2020 national education conference,  and to provide results of the project during the IPAC Canada 2021 national education conference.  

In order to make the scholarship benefits effective with the IPAC Canada 2020 conference, there is a very short time frame to submit applications. Please thoroughly review the Scholarship Criteria (below). Applications are now being accepted for this exciting opportunity!

The deadline for applications is February 20, 2020. Applicants will be notified as to the status of their application by March 15th.


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