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Pan Canadian Roadshows

The PreHospital Cleaning & Disinfection Roadshow scheduled for April 16 in Vancouver has been cancelled. We will announce if we are able to reschedule. For more information, contact IPAC Canada at info@ipac-canada.org.

IPAC Canada and Sani Marc/Wood Wyant are pleased to announce their partnership in

Pan Canadian Roadshows
Environmental Cleaning/Disinfection of Emergency Vehicle & Equipment
Risk Assessment for PreHospital Care Personnel

In collaboration with local Emergency Services, the Roadshows will be presented in six Canadian cities in 2019-2021.

The first Roadshow in 2020 will take place:

Thursday 16th April 2020
Pacific Gateway Hotel 

Vancouver Airport (Red Cedar Ballroom)
0815 - 1200 noon
Breakfast and refreshments provided.
Parking details here.

Additional dates and location will be announced for 2020 and 2021.

The IPAC Canada PreHospital Care Interest Group has appointed working groups to develop the half day curriculum.  More information will be available as plans progress.  There is no fee for the Roadshows.  Attendees are those directly involved with PreHospital care.


Cleaning and Disinfection 101: This presentation will cover the basics of what is in the standards and how it applies to the PreHospital sector. The differences between cleaning and disinfection will be defined and the proper levels of disinfection to ensure the ambulance is a safe environment will provided. The science showing the soiling of Ambulances will be examined, followed by a summary of the procedures required to ensure Ambulances are cleaned and disinfected. Risk Assessment as it relates to cleaning and disinfection will be presented as will organizational responsibilities
Types of Cleaners/Disinfectants: There are many different cleaners and disinfectant available on the market. This presentation will contain an overview of the different types of cleaners and disinfectants. It will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type as well as the different formats available. Guidance on how to decide on the right product for your service is also provided.
New Technologies: There are a number of new cleaning and disinfection technologies available on the market. These products have had some scientific studies completed to determine the efficacy; however there is more study required.  This presentation will examine the different types of new technologies that are available and what the science shows. How the technologies work and what the application for PreHospital cleaning and disinfection is will also be examined.
Design for Cleaning and Disinfection: There has been little researched and published on ambulance design, in particular how an ambulance should be designed to enhance cleaning and disinfection and therefore patient safety. This presentation will contain the findings of recent research on this topic and show the elements required for the design of ambulance and the equipment contained to ensure optimum cleaning and disinfection can be accomplished

For additional information:

Greg Bruce – greg.bruce@simcoe.ca
Gerry Hansen – executivedirector@ipac-canada.org
Louise Taillon – louise.taillon@sanimarc.com

For Roadshow information: info@ipac-canada.org

The Pan-Canadian Roadshows are made possible through the sponsorship of

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