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Updated IPAC Dental Checklists

Public Health Ontario (PHO) has updated two checklists related to lapse investigations and stakeholder self-assessment in dental practice:

  1. IPAC Checklist for Dental Practice - Core Elements
  2. IPAC Checklist for Dental Practice – Reprocessing of Dental/Medical Equipment/Devices

The updated checklists incorporate stakeholder feedback, as well as new evidence and IPAC dental standards and guidelines. Public health units and regulatory colleges can use the checklists to conduct inspections, assessments and investigations related to IPAC practices. Dental practices may refer to the checklists to examine, evaluate and compare their current IPAC practices to provincial recommendations.

PHO would like to thank everyone who provided feedback on our dental practice checklists. For more information on infection prevention and control, please visit our website or email ipac@oahpp.ca.