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Request for Recommendations for Board Nominees

The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors of IPAC Canada is charged with the responsibility of ensuring leadership continuity. Specifically, the Committee is responsible for ensuring that there is at least one qualified candidate running for election for each open Board position.

As such, the Nominating Committee is inviting recommendations from IPAC Canada members for the following Board positions open for election in May 2021:

President-elect for a 2-year term (will then serve a 2-year term as President, and a 1-year term as Past President)

Treasurer for a 3-year term

Physician Director for a 3-year term

All recommendations received from the membership will be confidential. This is only a recommendation for a candidate(s) who should be considered for nomination by the Nominating Committee, not an official nomination.The Nominating Committee will review all recommendations and also undertake its own investigation of suitable candidates. The Nominating Committee reserves the right to decide which suggested candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Additional nominees from the IPAC Canada membership are welcomed and encouraged after the Committee announces its Slate of Candidates (in December 2020).

Please see the following PDF for further information and instructions regarding the nominating process. If you cannot open the PDF, we have also posted this announcement on our home page, under Latest News and Events.

Recommendations for Board Nominees - July 1 2020 FINAL.pdf

Deadline for suggestions to the Nominating Committee, along with completed Form 3 (Nomination Application Package) is August 14, 2020. The Form 3 package is available for download in the Members Area of www.ipac-canada.org (Policy Manual > Forms). Position descriptions for the open positions are also available in the Policy Manual.

Jennifer Happe BSc MSC, Nominating Committee Chair