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IPAC Canada/Handymetrics Audit Tools App

HandyMetrics and IPAC Canada have partnered to transform the IPAC Canada Audit Toolkit into an easy-to-use App.

QIPAudit is the free app that we have all been waiting for!

It is the only app to host the 50+ IPAC Audit Toolkit. You can use QIPAudit on your phone, tablet or computer to:

  • create and edit existing audit tools;
  • record notes using voice dictation (mobile devices only);
  • email results in a useful .pdf format; and
  • stay current with updates based on the latest scientific literature and guidelines.

If you are a current IPAC member who is affiliated with an organization that provides healthcare directly to patients located within Canada, you can use QIPAudit to help transform best evidence into best practices at your organization. 

Find out more and get started in the Members Area at https://ipac-canada.org/qip-audit-app