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Invitation - Canadian Nurses Association & McMasters University Survey

The following information is being distributed on behalf of the Canadian Nurses Association and McMasters University. Participation in this survey is voluntary

Dr. Vikas Parihar, a Faculty Associate with the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research at McMaster University (cannabisresearch.mcmaster.ca) and health-care provider at the Michael G. DeGroote Pain Clinic, Hamilton Health Sciences and, is conducting this cannabis survey. The Canadian Nurses Association is collaborating with Dr. Parihar in order to understand nurses’ experiences with medical and/or recreational cannabis in their respective practice settings.

The survey is designed to assess the comfort level among health-care providers (nurses, doctors, pharmacists) regarding encounters with either recreational or medical cannabis, perceptions on therapeutic benefits and potential harms, as well as learning needs and preferences.

The goal of the survey is to assess the needs of health-care professionals regarding education and training support as it pertains to cannabis, and whether health-care providers desire policy changes at the government level regarding the regulation and distribution of medical/recreational cannabis.

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It is the intention to publish results from this research database, and the information we report in publications or presentations will be anonymous and consist of responses from groups of people, not individuals. All responses are treated as confidential, and in no case will responses from individual participants be identified.

The deadline is October 14, 2019.

Thank you so much for your contribution to supporting nurses learning needs regarding cannabis!