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Child Immunizaton Rates

Child Immunization Rates - The C.D. Howe Institute has just released a report looking at reasons for falling child immunization rates across Canada. The authors note how the vocal few Canadians that hold anti-vaccine views are not the main reason for insufficient childhood vaccination coverage. Instead, they suggest that “fence sitting” parents - those who do not fully immunize their children for an assortment of reasons – are to blame for falling vaccine rates. The authors urge Canadian governments to pursue a range of voluntary approaches to overcome the various reasons for incomplete childhood immunization:

  • Target early interventions, like phone calls or emails, at fence-sitting parents.  
  • Public health nurses are vital to increasing vaccine coverage. Provinces need to rely more on them.
  • Provinces should use electronic registries to track coverage from birth, through childcare and kindergarten, to adulthood – and intervene when necessary.

The study can be accessed through https://www.cdhowe.org/public-policy-research/need-booster-how-improve-childhood-vaccination-coverage-canada