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Canadian Patient Safety Week is October 28 - November 1

Canadian Patient Safety Week is a national, annual campaign that started in 2005 to inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality. As the momentum for promoting best practices in patient safety has grown, so has the participation in Canadian Patient Safety Week.
The Canadian Patient Safety Institute invites all Canadians – the public, providers and leaders – to become involved in making patient safety a priority.
At some point, every one of us will be a patient in the healthcare system. What most Canadians don’t realize is that 28,000 of us die from preventable harm when receiving care, every single year. This makes patient safety incidents the third leading cause of death in Canada, behind cancer and heart disease. One in three Canadians has had patient harm affect themselves or a loved one, yet the public is collectively unaware that the problem exists. This is a silent epidemic. If we do nothing, 1.2 million Canadians will die from preventable patient harm in the next 30 years.

During this year’s Canadian Patient Safety Week, join us in sharing your story and your advice on how to reduce patient harm at ConquerSilence.ca

Share your stories on social media using #ConquerSilence

To learn more about Canadian Patient Safety Week, podcasts, webinars, and tools and resources, click on the CPSW home page banner on the IPAC Canada website or Canadian Patient Safety Institute website