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A Message from the IPAC Canada President

This is the time to shine and strut your stuff! This is when your scientific knowledge is needed to provide input that ensures healthcare workers, patients, residents, visitors and/or the public are protected from the outbreak of the 2019 Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) within your organization. Organizations depend on us to have the expertise in infection prevention and control measures, protocols, and implementation; to advise and consult and to have a voice that provides leadership/administrators/executives a readiness for potential 2019 Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases. IPAC Canada has many resources on coronavirus including links to guidelines and articles. The coronavirus webpage is updated daily. Be sure to review important information at here

Some steps you may want to consider: 

  • Talk with your procurement members or supply chain managers to ensure necessary supplies are available such as with personal protective equipment. 
  • Keep informed and updated on the latest 2019-nCoV local activity through your provincial, territory and federal liaison. 
  • Ensure that emergency practices are followed. These may include those practices for the novel virus as well as any respiratory viruses and guidance on travel history. 
  • Reminders to staff on proper donning and doffing of personal protective equipment.

IPAC Canada is aware that many of you are under tremendous pressure and that more supports are needed to address the outbreak. We would like to hear from you should you have suggestions on how IPAC Canada can assist you in your practice. Please contact:

Barbara Catt RN BScN MEd CIC


The IPAC Canada 2020 conference will be held in Winnipeg, May 3-6. The Scientific Program Committee has planned an amazing scientific program to inform and enhance practice. The education and networking are vital to keeping IPAC practice current and relevant. Watch for announcements of how coronavirus lessons learned will be included in the program. 

See the registration brochure here

Most importantly, take care of yourself. You are needed.

Barbara Catt RN BScN MEd CIC

President, IPAC Canada