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PHAC Webinar April 25th -Hepatitis B and C in Canada: National Surveillance Data from 2007 to 2016

Viral hepatitis – including hepatitis B and C – has been characterized by the World Health Organization as a major public health burden. In this webinar, PHAC’s Sexually Transmitted Infections and Hepatitis team will present the latest national data for hepatitis B and C in Canada, following the release of the Hepatitis B and C 2016 report. They will present cases and rates of hepatitis B and C, by age, gender, and province/territory, and discuss trends over a 10-year period (2007-2016).

*This webinar will be provided in English, with simultaneous interpretation in French*

To attend the webinar:


Register in advance by following the link below:


Event password: HEPB


You will receive an email confirmation with a personalised link for you to join the webinar and dial-in instructions to join the teleconference to hear the presentations. Save that email until the day of the webinar.


On the day of the webinar, click the link on the confirmation email to watch the webinar. To hear the presentations, you must dial in to the teleconference number provided