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Recommendations for Candidates IPAC Canada 2023 Board of Directors The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors of IPAC Canada is charged with the responsibility of ensuring leadership continuity. Specifically, the Committee is responsible for ensuring that there is at least one qualified candidate running for election for each open Board position. The Committee is requesting recommendations for candidates. This is only a recommendation for a candidate(s) who should be considered for nomination by the Committee, and is not an official nomination. All recommendations will be kept confidential. Deadline for recommendations is August 12, 2022. Please see
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Public Health Agency of Canada The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is seeking to fill two voluntary positions for a Public Health and Preventive Medicine Physician and an Occupational Health Physician, with an understanding of infection prevention and control in healthcare settings, on the National Advisory Committee of Infection Prevention and Control (NAC-IPC). The NAC-ICP is an external advisory body which provides subject matter expertise and advice to PHAC. NAC-IPC members meet virtually once a month and in person annually for two days in Ottawa. Deadline for applications is September 2, 2022. Please see
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2022 Federal Budget Last week, Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland tabled the 2022 federal budget. The budget included $435.2 million dollars to strengthen public health surveillance and risk assessment capacities. IPAC Canada applauds this investment, as it will support our ability to identify and respond to public health threats. Please click FULL STORY to see our Government Relations webpage and view the 2022 Federal Budget Briefing...
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