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In most cases, you will require additional funding for your event above that which is available in your department. Here are some tips for finding those extra dollars!

a) Organization

  • Appoint one member to receive estimates, prepare financial reports and to act as treasurer.
  • Avoid duplication at all times. Potential supporters will not appreciate repetitious canvassing.
  • Each group should be responsible for obtaining estimates for their specific area of planning (e.g. public relations, activities).
  • The estimates are then submitted to the treasurer who prepares a report of estimated costs for discussion/revision at the next planning meeting.

b) Obtain an overview of requirements

  • Public Relations Cost of in-house design and printing vs. purchased service Media advertisements Buttons, posters, displays
  • Activities Equipment for games and contests Prizes Refreshments
  • Education/Scientific Presentations Speakers who charge a fee Speakers from within the organization or an affiliated agency who will not charge a fee Gifts/honoraria for speakers
  • Audiovisual Availability of in-house equipment vs. rentals

c) Obtain estimates Estimate the costs through telephone calls and window shopping. Do not make financial commitments at this time.

d) Costing
You now have a goal for fund raising. If met, plans can proceed. If available funds fall short, planning can be revised to avoid over expenditure.

e) Resources for funds
There are many sources for funds, don't be afraid to ask!

  • In-house: An allotment of funds from your departmental or administration budget (it is advisable to make the submission this year for the next fiscal budget) Other departments may be able to assist (e.g. staff training and development, public relations)
  • Distributors: Many vendors of drugs, soaps, disinfectants and medical/surgical supplies are helpful in planning. They may provide displays, audiovisual material and handouts, as well as financial support. Consult with your purchasing agent for assistance with contacts. And don't forget our patron members!
  • Volunteers: A submission to your agency's volunteer organization can result in significant participation and support
  • Community groups: Many community service clubs and organizations are interested in the health and sociological issues of infectious diseases and environmental safety. Financial support may be offered and members may be interested in participating.
  • Local businesses: Many local businesses have contracts with your facility and are more than willing to assist with products, door prizes or services (e.g. vending companies, office supply outlets, etc.)