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IPAC Canada 2018 National Education Conference Webcast 

Indigenous Health - Our Sacred Mountains (3 videos)

Our People are Sacred - An Anishinabek Narrative of Infection Prevention and Control Program
Development, Implementation and Evaluations.

Roger Boyer II CHE PHD, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


Alberta Health Services Indigenous Health Program
Emil Durocher, Senior Indigenous Cultural Helper.
Carol Carifelle-Brzezicki RSW MHS, Indigenous Health Program, Edmonton, Alberta.
Natasha Gougeon RN, BScN, CDE, Indigenous Wellness Clinic, Edmonton, Alberta.
Wayne LaBonte, Senior Advisor, Primary Care Access – Indigenous Health Program, Edmonton, Alberta.


Empowering Environmental Services Workers to Help Control the Spread of Infection in First Nations Health Facilities
Patricia Huntly RN, Communicable Disease Control Division, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Ottawa, Ontario.
Adeshola Abati BSc MBBS MPH CIC FRSPH, Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.


Other video sessions...

Trekking Safely through the Storm - Managing Complex IPAC Issues.
Dr. Mark Joffe MD FRCPC, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton.


Clear Stream Ahead: A Urinary Tract Infection Program for Long-Term Care Homes
Jill Richmond RN MSC CIC, Public Health Ontario, Cambridge, Ontario.