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Editorial Award

The Editorial Award is presented annually to the author(s) of a scientific article that has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Infection Control (CJIC) in the previous year. Selected by a panel of the Editorial Board, the award winner is presented at the annual conference. The winner receives waived registration for the conference at which the prize is awarded. Following are the rules as set out in policy 17.10.


    1. 1. Article content: Papers must be relevant to infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities or in the community.
    1. 2. Evaluation of papers: All papers submitted will be judged by the IPAC Canada Editorial Board Awards Committee according to the following criteria:
      1. 2.1 clinical relevance and accuracy;
      1. 2.2 pertinence to infection prevention and control;
      1. 2.3 clarity, quality of organization, and grammatical correctness;
      1. 2.4 appeal of content to membership;
      1. 2.5 current reference, footnotes and bibliography.
    1. 3. Manuscripts are prepared according to Canadian Journal of Infection Control Guidelines for Contributors.
    1. 4. The Awards Committee is to be made up of four IPAC Canada members with a good working knowledge of infection prevention and control and who are not from the IPAC Canada Board of Directors. The award shall be announced at the Opening Ceremonies of the annual conference. This award is coordinated by the Clinical Editor.
    1. 5. Eligibility
      1. 5.1. To be eligible for the award the author or one of the authors, must be a member of IPAC Canada.
      1. 5.2. Papers must be original work.
      1. 5.3. The award may not be presented to the same author(s) two years running.
      1. 5.4. Members of the IPAC Canada Board of Directors, Awards Committee or Editorial Board are not eligible for this award.
    1. 6. Deadline
      1. 6.1. The deadline for each competition is December 31.
      1. 6.2. Articles submitted later than this date will be eligible for the following year's award.
    1. 7. Winners will be notified at least eight weeks prior to the next Annual Conference.
    1. 8. The award will consist of waived registration to the annual conference (conference only), for the principal author or designate, or an equivalent cash prize in lieu of registration.