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Virtual Race

IPAC Virtual Race 2022 Fundraiser

Join us for the 16th Annual IFIC Fundraiser in aid of the IFIC Scholarship which assists Infection Control Professionals from under-funded or under-resourced countries to attend the annual International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC) education meeting.

For 2022 we are once again encouraging participants to go live and get creative with an activity of their choosing. Set a personal or team goal (e.g. distance, number of steps, frequency of activity), collect donations, then get active! Have fun and capture your activity with static photo and post on social media using the hashtag #activeforIFIC2022.

Register Now

Please help IFIC in its efforts to support Infection Prevention and Control professionals by reaching our net goal of $3,000.

Entry is free!

  • We ask that all participants raise a minimum of $35.
  • The first 100 participants to register will receive a Tim Hortons Gift Card.
  • Donors will be provided with a charitable receipt from IPAC Canada.


Prizes will be awarded to IPAC Canada Members for:

  • Most creative activity
  • Best fitness costume
  • Most donation dollars
  • Most liked social media post (using the hashtag)

Pariticpant Guide

Activity Ideas

Go the Distance!

  • Run 5 km
  • Walk 2 5 km
  • Bike 20 km
  • Row 5 km
  • Hike, Rollerblade, Scooter, Ski, Swim, Jump Rope, or any other activity for a set distance/time

Keep Going Everyday

  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Walk 15,000 steps
  • Garden
  • Golf

Pick an activity and time/distance to do everyday for a month (or a certain amount of weeks)

Find Your Limit

  • Play catch without dropping the ball
  • Toss a frisbee back and forth without dropping
  • Jump rope without missing a jump for a certain time (or get so many jumps in)
  • Get a certain amount of free throws in playing basketball

Do Something Fun and Wacky!

  • Set up an obstacle course and compete to do it faster everyday
  • Set up a family race course and everyone must complete it every

Make Up Your Own Activity

  • Don’t hold back your creativity, create your own activity!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to share your goal on social media using the hashtag #activeforIFIC2022
and then post your completion photo before April 26, 2022!

Please follow all safety measures and restrictions where you live. Physically distance and wear a mask if you aren’t doing a solo activity.

Made possible through the generous support of

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